Luxe or Lux Watches for Short Review


I took a survey that was sent to me by a normal email service I get. I wish I would have kept it in my files but I just looked and I can’t go back that far. I took a survey about 2 weeks ago and was promised a FREE SAMPLE for my time. No where on the page did it say they would charge my phone for not returning the watch in 14 days. Who does an automatic renewal of watches or a trial of watches??!!! I just looked at my account and I have a charge of $98 from luxhelpcom Beverly hills CA that I didn’t authorize at all. If I had seen that it would have charged me some stupid trial I wouldn’t have done it and the page strictly said pick from of these 4 free samples for taking survey and only pay shipping!! Shipping was like $5 something so I thought ok. Wow and this just 2 days after them scamming me from the same company sister of this company for some luminelle face cream I never even used I sent it right back and told I would have to wait 3-6 weeks for my money back that they shouldn’t have taken in the first place. I can guarantee this is going to be the same way!! How do they get away with this crap. I just seen a report on these same companies from 2010 CA why don’t you do something about this.

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