M.R.B.I.B (Money Recovery Business In a Box) Reviews & Complaints


I have been scammed and been made a fool of by one Frank Kaslik is a major scam artist, he goes from scam to scam and his is on the prowl again; his latest scam is some sleek fake product on the web – www.mrbib.com.au watch out for him he has conned hundreds of people and is out for every cent he can get out of you, he is so sleezy I have been after him for over a year, and nothing! I know of at least 3 people who have been done by him, everyone has a story- i think the law has no teeth and nothing can be done. this guy is creative, “he guarantees your success” …read the fine print fool! Frank Kaslik has different cons, which he shuts down as soon as he feels the heat, and he portrays himself as a successful business man, he most certain is not that. Frank had ” a real estate guru con” going on (google him under Newcastle Property Investments), he had a business consulting con and his latest is enticing people wanting to get into business for themselves with a product called “my recovery business in a box” he is a sleek scam artist and has been doing cons for years, I”ve met him he is a nightmarish character, balding and sleezy looking soft spoken (like sociopath soft and eerie), with one glass eye any one who can find him let me know i have a knuckle sandwich for his ugly face.

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