Maceys dept store Bowie Maryland Review


after work i like to go to Maceys because my fragerance in the wohle wild world ( well 2) of them are there, and I like to sample them as well as others. I have been in that same store for over two years tryingnew frageraces, buying Christmas presents, Father’s day gifts and they always watch me and cover there mouths when speaking about me( I’m assumming) I went to management, a gentlemen named Eric, he assures he his staff does no such thing ( you see I;m a Native American Black Foot Tribe) so they assume I’m poor or going to steal something. Terriable inter-personal relations training. I have a college degree from the University of New Mexico in Finance and Liberal Arts. SInce I’ve moved back home to take care of my Mom, I have been harrissed, lied too by your staff and even hear them mumble under theri breath, “They always want to cause a seen”” Sir/Madame

I am at my wits end

this is the 21st century

this kind of fooloishness should have died with the KKK. But I see it is alive and well

but cleverly hidden in suits and uniforms. I am so hurt

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