Marinello Schools of Beauty Review


My wife attended Marinello school for beauty, She has a learning disabilitie which according to u.s. ed. disabilities act all students with disabilities are to be treated fair and equal w/accomadations to help them in their education efforts which from day one A Teacher Ms Atosa discriminated on my wife because she wasnt to familiar with the disabilities act. 1st violation was constantly slandering my wife, talking about our intimate life in front of the students at the school poking fun. then mentioning verbal assault on my wife, but trying to cover it up with a joke. This woman has sent my wife home more times than she had days of school. But when i talk to staff its always the same thing over and over, constantly pointing the finger at my wife. but mysteriously harassess us about financial aid when the problem is to be resolved with instructer and student. Well they got the financial aid. all 5,000 of it. But what a surprise they send my wife home again without training her. I could sit back no longer so i talked to the instructor Ms.Atosa, and a director they had there. When i tried to talk to her to see what the real problem was. Ms Atosa immediatly started talking over top of me, stating “i dont have time for this” i punched your wife out, i want her to leave, matter of fact i want the both of you to leave”. Im not even a student there, a client, and I was threatend by her presence. So i shouted back at her. I had no patience for this woman’s arguing and little antics. Right there and then i seen with my two eyes and heard with my own two ears the type of woman she is which is blatenly rude and disrespectful. And the staff there permit it, and do nothing about it but gang up on the student. Well they took that incident and a couple of kiss a** students tryin to get extra credit and forwarded a few statements that were probably not even accurate, and forwarded it to headquarters to have my wife kicked out of the school. So when i asked “Hey, what about my statement on what really transpired” they continued to shunn both my wife and I off as if what we said did not matter nor did they care. So i felt there was discrimination there. I immediately packed my wife up and left because they were sending her home ONCE again. I dont have time for the drama. The school is supposed to be a professional enviornment, but after experiencing what i experienced with my wife. There was not one bit of professionality in any of there bones. BUT they continuing to get the money from her financial aid. Where is it going? Obviously not on a cleaning service for the school which it always is dirty and stinks in the bathroom, Certainely not on books because my wife has been going almost 3 weeks without no books even though she offered to pay for them and they refused, nor did they care to put in an order for them. She constantly getting kicked out of school so its not going to her education. Where is it? but they all are driving around in fancy cars. where is it? just another school that frauds financial aid to make a profit. which they have been reported to the better business bureau and department of education. .

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