Mark Caro Property Management Flagstaff Arizona


Complaint: Mark Caro Property Management (now, apparently, operating under the name Sterling Real Estate Management) is, without a doubt, the single worst company I’ve ever dealth with in my life. In my experience, their neglicence caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to my property. When the problem was reported, Mark Caro adamantly refused to do anything about it on repeated. Instead of doing the job he was paid to do, he eventually used the opportunity to cuss me out. Only after hiring a lawyer and threatening a lawsuit did he grudgingly do the bare minimum amount of work required from him…and even then constant vigilance was required to make sure he did it. Afterward, I was harassed with all kinds of warnings — the welcome mat in front of my house wasn’t up to the neighborhood standard and needed to be removed. Same with my patio furniture; it also had to be removed or I’d be fined. Mark Caro definitely has some kind of violence psychological issue that will someday lead to serious problems. I plan to be as far away as possible when that happens. Guys like Mark Caro need to be locked away where they can no longer cause harm to people.

Tags: Home Owner Associations

Address: 323 S River Run Rd Flagstaff, Arizona United States of America


Phone: (928) 773-0690

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