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Mort Fertel has a money back gaurantee but I have read several reviews and none of the people i have read about have ever recieved there money back. Trust me if you try the product you will want your money back as well. It is boring and useless and all around just feels like you are getting the shaft as soon as you start the program. So early on i decided i wanted a refund. I followed all the steps. Had it postmarked three days before the 30 day deadline(which in my case ended up being on a sunday when the mail doesn’t run.) Anyways I paid for 2 day shipping from the post office to make sure it arrived on time. The post office didn’t get it delivered that saturday instead it arrived monday. One day past the 30 day marker so they said I did not qualify for any refund and would have to pay the full amount. So basically here i sit no product nothing to show for the money that they are still deducting from my account. I will be cancelling that soon and probably end up with a bad credit rating for a product that i refuse to give one more cent to.


  • Name: Marriagemax
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Baltimore
  • Address: 4701-B Falls Road
  • Phone: 410.764.1552
  • Website:

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