I get to e mail and talk to people to meet. They keep customers pictures that are years old and push them as flirts text and use the picture to lure anyone to spend money to get a date. I have never ever texted anyone that was flirting with me thats ever texted back. It has to be a scam or if they were flirting and sending me likes they would text or e mail back. Its a huge rip off site. There are no connections beacause there is no way to talk directly to pictures. They li and entice you with facts like there intrested there favoriteingvyou. But you never ever get a reply from any one of them when you try to connevt to them. Ive done my math and the whole site is a scam.. I demand To make them take down every customer whos not a member and cannot be talked to. Stop frauduntly sent flurts.. Stay away

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