Mattel, Inc. Review


My father William Leschak who lives in Auburn New York originally sent the hand made game and instructions to the mattel compay in the 1960s. ( My father has the original and all correspondence and will send to whoever needs to see or verify ) He was denied by the company and has a letter stating that the public would not be interested in such a game from Mattel. Well it wasnt long and the game came out and has been interntional from manual to electronic versions and even the game was used somewhat in the movie Battleship. My fater has tried several local attorneys through out the years that have written letters and got nothing accomplished. My father is 87 years old and deserves some recognition for them stealing hs idea which came from him serving in the navy during WWll. We have approached other attorneys that said that the statute in US is gone by but the international market there would still be a case and the wanted $60,000 just to investigate.

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