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i paid $500.00 1/2 price on sale for a queen size mattress set, i was at work when they arrived so when i got home ,i noticed a smell unusual when i walked in the apartment, thinking the odor might be comming from outside with the wind blowing i continued because it was garbage day for pickup,later after cooking dinner and relaxing to a new bed i noticed the odor again, mind you the trash had been picked up hours ago still thinking of lingering air , later i could not sleep because for some reason i sniffed the bed and thats when i realized the mattress had to have been rebuilt. i starting emailing ,calling and threatening to write them up but to no avail ,mattress discounters is a ripoff and constantly send me sale notices but will not send someone to replace my mattress set, i will never buy from them again

fredericksburg, Virginia United States of America


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