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Good day, I went to visit the Benoni Medicross on Saturday afternoon due to falling ill with flu, there were only 2 doctors at the medicross whom I was not familiar with as my family Doctor Marius Le Roux was off on the Saturday. I was advised by the receptionist that i could see Dr Chen. I waited several minutes before seeing Dr Chen who had my previous history file in his hands. During my consultation which lasted all of 5 minutes if that, i was asked by Dr Chen what my family Dr Le Roux had previously prescribed for me? I don”t know if I”m crazy but on any other visit i have had to any Doctor i am checked out in the sense of my glands, fever, chest etc. When it comes to flu-like symptoms. i was appalled that the Dr did not ask me to sit on the bed and check out my ears, chest, nose and throat to see what symptoms i had relating to the flu i have. Instead he wrote me out a script and told me what medication i need to take? It is my understanding that a Dr takes a Hippocratic oath, and this is by far the most un-professional service i have ever had from a Dr. I have had to pay for a consultation which was an absolute waste of money when i could have gone to my local pharmacy and bought the medication directly over the counter as no antibiotic was prescribed. it just amuses me that this Dr Chen is clearly that good that he does not even need to do a proper check on his patients. I will be taking this up with the board of Medical Practioners as this is not the service i expect especially not from a Doctor. I will expect a reimbursement on my medical aid for the waste of a consultation fee i have been charged due to utter laziness and unprofessional ism on this Doctors behalf, and i will advise my family and friend”s not to use the Benoni Medicross if these are the type of Doctors whom are going to be assisting whilst my family Doctor is not available. Ryan Gray [protected]

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