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During the course of the last five weeks I have been overcharged for items on no less than three occasions. While I may have not caught every item for which I have been overcharged; those I did catch I received a refund. nOn the last occasion I decided to bring it to the managers attention that it appeared that they had rather poor pricing practices. He stated that, “The prices in the register are correct.”” I told him that like other shoppers

I made my purchase decisions based upon the prices he displayed on the shelves. nI asked him if the overcharging was by design or due to sloppiness. He responded by saying

“”Sloppiness.”” He then stated that often the prices in the registers are updated [raised] before they can change the prices on the shelves. nThere has been occasion where the price in the register on an item was $2.00 higher than the price posted where the merchandise was displayed. Hard to believe but true. nI emailed my concern to the corporate office for Meijer and received a pleasant generic response from Rose that they would forward my concerns to the unit about which I had complained. nI responded back to Rose’s email pointing out that I had already talked to the general manager and was informed that my him that it was a frequent ongoing problem. Thus

I would much prefer to hear from their headquarters as to what they intended to do to solve the problem. nWhile I hold out hope (why I am not sure) but I have yet to hear back from Meijer. nIt appears

based upon the comments of the general manager

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