Michelle Heitmann – Ripon, Wisconsin Wisconsin


Michelle Heitmann can be found at any of the bars in Ripon, WI just waiting for the next man to walk in that has some $$$. She is currently sleeping with a welder who is married with 3 children. She likes to tell the wives that “as soon as she sits on it, they’ll never get their men back.” The sad thing is that she has an adopted daughter with autism that she has put in the back burner so she can be a bar tramp and act like a 21 year old. She is also married, a fact that means absolutely nothing to her. She lives off the state and has state benefits, but won’t report her new boyfriends income as well as the fact that she purchased a new truck, along with lottery winnings that also never got reported. Ladies, she is out to steal your husband. If he goes out to the bars I would be very alert.

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