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You do the math. I received a stereo whose aux works on one side of the speakers. I return the item. I pay for shipping. I get a replacement. Display does not work. The aux kinda works, i have to readjust the connection when I make sharp turns. Isn’t that great? Their return policy is pathetic. I spent 160$ on installation of a stereo that does not work. And I spent 119$ on the stereo from millionbuy that has not worked since day one. These people do not care about their customers and are out to make a quick buck. Because of my experiences are so bad with these guys, I don’t even trust they will give me a refund in an appropriate amount of time, nor will they live up to what they tell you over the phone. So get everything is writing from, so that you have legal recourse. Consumer laws protect the consumer from such fraudulence.

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