Copy of letter to dirty judge appointed to the bench by church members. A separate story I can verify after brain washing process. Have to admit this was the first dirty judge I ever had the displeasure to talk to in my 25 years of being an expert witness and a forensic expert in the superior court system. Although I must admit this was about a Scientology business posing as a banking business. There are no rules as they say in Scientology and it appears even a Superior Court judge can do or say anything if “you have cause”.
I was called a killer by the Doctors @ the City of Hope when my late wife Sherry, age 28, was admitted on December of 1978 with terminal cancer. She died slowly while the severe cancer eat away the interior of her body. She left this world 5 months later in May of 1979. The accusation by the doctors was due to the observations of the healers from the church of Scientology. After years of investigations I discovered the doctors were falsely told I was the one who sent the healers from her prior work place to gain access to her room.
To my late wife Sherry, almost 30 years later I now the truth, The dentist you worked for over 4 years, Mr. Bob Wallace operated under the wise accounting system requiring your accepting of Scientology and his Scientology training to work there.
God Bless you Sweet Heart, I never knew anything about Scientology until they came to your grave site at Rose Hills on the day you left the world to offer me grief counseling.
That followed with 3 years of convincing me it was my fault, wiping out memories of the good times and all our funds including the savings that were to go to our newborn sons education. Our son will now know why I seldom spoke of you due to the guilt they kept alive. I can?t help to feel some guilt as I was the one who asked you to marry me and move to California from Boston.
They say screw me once, screw you: screw me twice screw me. What if the scan was so elaborate after 25 years and the Superior Court Judge, William Steward superior court department 12 has threatened me with jail time if I expose the secret operation for all these years. The time has come to bring all secrets hidden from others to an end and if i have to go to jail @ 70 years old I will do that to protect others. Be aware all 62 employees and their families are required to be members of the church of Scientology. I have verified the CEO Tamera Gurney as a convicted felon in Riverside County, in 2009, she was also charged with violation of her probation. Mr. Juhan J. Smith, the vice president of the so called bank has federal tax liens over 50 K on his residence. I have been advised not to post 62 personal home addresses. They are available by e mail request. w available
P.s. All the funds taken for the first 3 years and all the funds taken/moved without authorization by the so called bank from 2005 to 2010 will never be returned, I will have to live with that. I do not have to be silent and lose my freedom of speech.. I demand Too late lost home & $. just want to protect other senior citizens now. Stay away

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