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Mitch Reiner is Very Unprofessional

I hired Mitch Reiner in 20XX as my financial advisor. I’ll stay anonymous for security reasons. I had kind of a bad experience with him so I’m here to discuss it.

In case you don’t know who Mitch Reiner is:

Mitch is one of the managing partners at Capital Investment Advisors, the guy has a CFP and a CIMA, so his credentials are as strong as they can get. But don’t let his shiny credentials fool you, cause this guy doesn’t know jack about how to talk with his clients. He has been in the Capital Investment Advisors since 2005 so I thought he’ll definitely have some experience and will be an excellent person to hire. 

My Client Opinion On Mitch Reiner

I could not tolerate his toxic behavior for a mere 4 months. In the 4 months I worked with him, he showed me what an egoist and a narcissistic man really is. This guy has no idea about basic manners and please don’t expect him to know how to talk to people. 

During one of the few meetings I had with him, he would either stay on calls or keep texting his girlfriend. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know what unprofessional behavior is and this guy helped to properly define it. I don’t understand how he actually climbed up the corporate ladder with behavior like this! In total, I had X meetings with him and in X of them, he came late. And not 15 or 20 minutes late, he can in an HOUR LATE! That is a lot of time and all he had to say for himself was a muted “sorry”.

I didn’t know financial advisors could be this incompetent and careless. My last financial advisor who passed away recently was an excellent guy, he was never late, he knew how to talk and he was competent. And I had similar expectations from Mitch Reiner, considering he was three times more expensive than my last financial advisor. 

Mitch Reiner is a careless narcissist

Mitch has this problem, he cannot stay away from his iPhone, the guy keeps getting calls and he keeps calling people as well. I explicitly asked him to take off his AirPods during meetings because I had noticed that he was using them to talk to his friends. If you, the reader, wants to make it in any private industry, then BE ON TIME. And just so you guys know, the meetings that I held, weren’t too long as well. They were mostly around 30-40minutes long. However, Mitch has an attention span of a Goldfish, so you could hear his shoe tapping constantly on the floor while he looks out the window. I’m pretty sure he has ADD or ADHD, my son has it so I know the symptoms and Mitch seems to have them all. I haven’t even started on the ego problems that this guy has. If you question his way of working or anything that he does, he will burst out. For example, when I asked him to take off the AirPods during the meeting, he literally said,” Oh I’m sorry Mr.Shawn but I have other clients too and I have to take their calls, but if that’s really what you want, I’ll take one of them off”. The sarcasm was dripping in the last part of that sentence. I have more instances showcasing his narcissism, like when I asked him why was he 50 minutes late to the meeting, the boy had the audacity to say, “I was with Mr.XYZ (probably a rich person) and honestly, his office is much better than yours so I decided to stay there for a little extra minute” LITTLE EXTRA MINUTE? This guy spent 50 EXTRA MINUTES THERE!!. I just felt betrayed to be honest, I had high expectations from a guy of Mitch’s status and he did disappoint me again and again. The guy IS competent, he did all the things a financial advisor should do, but his behavior and narcissism were too much to handle. I’ve hired a new financial advisor now, who is actually not from the Capital Investment Advisors group, and this guy is just wonderful. I won’t tell his name because I’m not here to do free marketing for my finance advisor. But I had lost hope in finding a good advisor after my horrible experience with Mitch. I won’t recommend anyone to hire Mitch, he’s just not worth the time and money. 

I would suggest Mitch grab a copy of some self-help positivity book and get into some Buddha stuff. I’m not a psychologist, but his ego and narcissism and carelessness are too much.

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