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Immediately showed interest, especially in showing me houses that benefitted him (flips) Did not provide us with listing in the area that met our search specifications until about 3 weeks into the process Did not respect or offer to show multiple houses meeting what I was requesting Did agree to show houses that were not listed by him, but persuading me against them Was late for appointments Was not easily available by phone Showed me McConkey and reassured me that this house was completely rebuilt and all new That seller was very good friend of his and very trustworthy and did excellent work, which is why he wanted me to focus on properties that he knew u201cpersonallyu201d had quality work put into them I asked to see the house a few more times before we went to contract and it was not convenient for him Pointed out all of the u201cnewu201d updates, and u201cqualityu201d workmanship Assured me that a home inspection had already been done, so no need for us to pay for one when the house is u201csolidu201d Seller left garbage, debris, inside the house, in the garage, and months worth of PennySavers all over the front steps Yard was overgrown and unkempt Once under contract u2013 he would not allow me to go back into the house to take measurements Once under contract, his availability for face to face or phone meetings became increasingly more difficult to accomplish He told us the seller did not want us in the house, in case we changed our mind and would back out of the contract Days before closing, realtor , seller, us and inspector went to do my boyfriends first walk through and were overcome by a stench of urine in the basement u2013 dehumidifiers had been removed Gino advised my boyfriend that HE did the final walk through. Chris Williams and The Williams Team is very well known in the Ken-Ton area for doing shady deals. BUYER BE WARE!!! That’s all I can say… Gino has been a good friend of my boyfriend and only replied to a text when we asked him to find us a new house. A friendship and a trust have been compromised. Gino is very good at what he does, please do not let him be good at your expense….

John James Audubon Pkwy Buffalo, New York USA



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