Mordechai Boaziz Miami


Complaint: Mordechai Boaziz has not paid any of his debts for 20 years. He has lied to banks, lied to investors, lied to judges, lied to lawyers, lied to rabbis, lied to buyers, lied to lenders, lied to brokers. It was only a matter of time. His brothers Michael Boaziz and Moshe Warshawsky are next. He will probably rat them out to reduce his own sentence. They pass themselves off as hard working Americans. They are all criminals. I am ashamed to live in the same state as them. Where did he get the 500 thousand dollars ro pay his bail. From you and me thats where! Read this and weep BOAZIZ https:// www. pacermonitor. com/ public/ case/24193416/ USA_v_Boaziz

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Address: Miami, Florida United States



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