MSpy Lancaster New York


Complaint: I bought this parental montioring program because it advertised that it monitors SnapChat. It doesn’t. They claim they tell you this in the fineprint, but in the advertising for the program it boasts that they monitor Snapchat. To make matters worse this program makes my daughter have to change her password each time I use it (probably because it thinks someone is breaking into her phone). Therefore I am locked out of her phone each time I use it. I have requested a refund for all but the one month I have used it. 18 emails and a report to the BBB later, the company is only offering me 100 of the 200 dollars I gave them. It simply isn’t good enough. This is a horrible company. Do not use!

Tags: Cellphone & Computer Monitoring, Spy/ Covert Electronics, Technology Monitoring Mobile Devices

Address: 521 Pleasant View Drive Lancaster, New York United States


Phone: 7169493922

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