Netflix Cape Girardeau Missouri Review


If you are purchasing a Netflix gift certificate, read ALL of the fine print. I didn’t realize I would continue to be charged after the 3 months subscription was up. nA 3 month subscription means nothing b/c your credit card will be charged if you do not call them. I tried and tried to contact them by phone and after being on hold for 30 minutes, the rep kept asking and re-asking for my info, she kept saying what was that name again, what was that card # again, etc and then she tried the “our computers are slow today”” trick. It took her 20 minutes to finally say ok

we’ll stop charging you BUT if your last movie does not reach us in 7 days

we will charge you $21.00. nWell

I know when I had a subscription for myself

it took up to 2 weeks for them to receive my movies and they blamed it on the Post Office. I will never use Netflix again. I am so disappointed. nMichelenCape Girardeau

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