New Age Skin Care, LLC. Review


As with many other companies of the sort that offer “free trials”, nothing about them is “free”. And, if you’re not on your toes and read the many pages of tiny print about the high fees you will be charged eventually, then you will be charged these fees. See, rather than a true “free trial”, they want you to use the product for 14 days and then call them. You can then tell them you love it, at which point they will charge you $89 or some such amount so that you take more of it. Or, you can tell them you did not like it, and then your “free trial” is really a “return everything to us” but “don’t return empty bottles or we’ll charge you” for them. I am so sick of these free trial scams. Someone should put them out of business. When I first saw their website, it was through an ad that popped up on CNN with Ivanka Trump and her profitable companies, suggesting that New Age was one of them. Now, nowhere on their website can I find any evidence that she owns any part of this company. When I made some threats and said I was going to report them to my bank, I got emails saying my account was closed and I didn’t have to return anything. So, if you are unlucky enough to have fallen for their free trial nonsense, you too can call your bank and report them, go online and review them, or just pay them alot of money for nothing.


  • Name: New Age Skin Care, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Tempe
  • Address: 1808 W 3rd St,
  • Phone: 1-800-391-1562
  • Website:

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