Nrgize Lifestyle Cafe franchised by Kahala Corporation Review


We bought a franchise from Kahala Corporation in a newly constructed LA Fitness for 135K. We had probems right away with the Staff. They were already bonded to One Stop Nutrition who had opened two months prior to our opening. The inexperienced revolving door training staff would wear One Stop t-shirts, pass out their coupons. They also drank One Stop Water and smoothies. I complained that it was a breech of contract to promote an outside competitor while I pay royalties and rent to LA Fitness. I asked the trainers to have loyalty to the inside business and their response was, “”If I could give them free merchandise then they would stop””. I told them I could not afford to give them free, but I could do at cost if they would stop promoting an outside competitor. I compained to Kahala and LA Fitness corporate with no resolution. How could I gather member loyalty if the staff would not, I was in a no win situation.I hired Coyote Cheerleaders thinking perhaps they would be loyal with attractive staff, all that accomplished was harassment from the trainers towards my staff. Again I complained to Kahala and LA Fitness, nothing happened and they considered me a complainer! To make matters worse Kahala autherized Cold Stone ice cream another one of it’s franchises to sell Nrgize smoothies. My contract stated that another Nrgize could not be sold within a 5 mile radius, but Cold Stone was across the parking lot another breech of contract. I could write a novel on the unethical behaviour I witnessed at LA Fitness and the lack of concern by Kahala their only concern was rent and royaly payment. I was duped by the earnings of the training location, most of their earings are from training new franchisees not actual earnings! DO NO INVEST IN THIS FRANCHISE! .

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