Nurock Management Review


I am a single mother of FIVE BOYS, before moving into the apartments they were very aware of that, I’m currently on housing and a working mother. The first night staying there, my kids were so excited err finally found us a place to call home. We celebrated laughed and finally let the stress release. The next morning I received threats saying to keep them quiet or else! I immediately asked them once again please please put us on the first floor please, there is no way I can keep them quiet not ALL FIVE. You think it’s possible you show ME how. They immediately liedto my face her name is Bernadette, she eensured me everything is fine and not to worry, we know where we placed you you’ll be fine hun. The next day I received another complaint, and another one and so on and so on. The next complaint they accused my twins of stopping up a toilet with no proof! These toilets are old just like the complex, they said it flooded the place and that the maximum repair was 500.00 w/no estimates done! Didn’t even allow me to get out fixed. On May 7th I received a notice that read, you are delinquent 5$, with no receipt as to how or why, when I paid what I owed as well as housing authority. Than on May 14th they said I owed 505.50$ again no receipt, no repairs estimatemnothing and on that letter it said flood chargers included. It said pay this or the balance will go up each day. After the previous letter said it would be added to my ledger, not only that the chargers came after I complained to management. So this is retaliation. They know I don’t have that kind of money or I wouldn’t be on assistance! This apartment complex is a scam look at the BBB Z COMPLAINTS, LOOK AT ALL THE COMPLAINTS TOWER RIDGE APARTMENTS CORINTH TX SCAM SCAM SCAM, THEY GET SINGLE MOTHER’S IN THEIR HOMES AND CHARGE THEM OUTRAGES FEES TO EVICT THEM. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THE COMMISSIONER INVESTIGATES!!!! They are abusing section 8.

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