Off Lease 4 Less Review


During late 2013 I purchased a late model used car from this dealership. The sales people were great and presented a clean Car Fax report on the vehicle. Financing was easy and the purchase process went smoothly. First month of vehicle ownership: Airbag system failure Intermittent ABS failure Intermittent traction control failure Head Gaskets leaking coolant Radio intermittent with loud popping from rear speakers Electrical power dips “brown-outs” that dim or turn off headlights at night for a few seconds at a time Dealership response to problems: No response. All correspondence ignored. Three months of vehicle ownership: Total ignition system failure leading to vehicle being disabled and towed. Difficulty identifying ignition system parts for replacement since parts on engine from the dealership were not ignition parts normally used on a this model year vehicle Brakes overheat and fail intermittently on hills and mountain inclines Transmissions slippage on hills Torque converter problems Occasional gasoline smell while car is idling Burning oil in multiple cylinders Multiple oil leaks from engine seals Suspension system (electronic ride) fails randomly Electronic mirror no longer tints at night Windshield wiper spray pump goes dead Day / night automatic headlight light sensor failed EGR Valve fails intermittently Intermittent failure of power steering system while driving (very scary) Upon taking vehicle to private mechanic, he indicates that the vehicle may have been in an accident in the past since he discovers engine mounts broken and do not align for proper replacement. In addition, some parts on the engine, such as the ignition system, do not match the production year of the car. Mechanic indicates that engine may have been replaced after an accident, and advises that such work is not always reported to Car Fax, especially by Florida repair shops. I understand that this vehicle was purchased “as-is”, however, I had a reasonable expectation that the condition and mileage of the vehicle was disclosed in a truthful manner. Off lease for less, owned by Schumacher automotive, continues to ignore my requests to take back the junk vehicle they sold me. Buyer Beware! .

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