Office Depot North Hollywood California Review


On Sept. 3, 2006, in the Los Angeles Times, Office Depot advertised a sale on Lenovo laptop computers with “Vibrantview widescreen”” (926-826). Vibrantview screens are described on Lenovo’s website and other public venues as “”smooth and mirror-like”” in contrast to their Anti-glare screens which have a matt finish. n Glassy computer screens are significantly more expensive than matt screens – the Lenovo model with a glassy screen costs $550 more. nWhen I went to Office Depot to buy one of these computers

I saw that the Lenovo laptop on display was not as advertised. It had a matt screen. I asked the manager

Mr. Ben Min

if the Lenovo laptops he was selling had matt screens like the display or glassy vibrantiew screens as advertised. He assured me they were glassy as advertised. He brought a sealed box to the register and encouraged me to buy it. I insisted on opening the box first. When the box was opened

the screen was not as described; it was a matt screen. I was told that this was the only unit available. Though I was polite at all times

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