Old Country Buffet Complaint


a restaurant worker, emily (?) kept calling “Miss” to me and got louder and louder as i prepared a taco, then she hit me with a plate. I kept good control and i answered “What”? – she was trying to get me to use a plate. well, how many plates to i need – i told her i already had one. it was impolite of her – foremore, she assaulted me. i spoke with a manager and the manager merely shoved it off, i feel, and made excuses for the ladys actions and says that the worker has a habit of doing that – she should have been fired immediately. the manager gave excuses for the ladys language barrier – that”s no excuse to hit me with a plate. that”s assault. one day she will do that to the wrong person and get hurt. she didn”t have to be rude. i dont believe in violence, but i do believe in respect and being treated right. she wouldn”t have appreciate being treated the way she treated/spoke and hollered at me. total ignorance. the worker evidently get spoken to by the manager of the incident – the woman should have at least apologized whether she meant it or not. i”m sure she understands what an apology is. total ignance – yes, ignance – that”s past being ignorant.

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