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I have never made any negative reports on any online websites and 90% of all my purchases are made online. I felt that I had to in this case as I do not want anyone else to go through what we went through with them. We ordered the following 6 items online from olighting.com on January 13, 2015, all of which totalling close to USD$8,000. All items were in their ‘open box’ category and listed as ‘in stock’ and payment through our Visa card took place immediately after we placed the order: 1. 1 50-bulb Flos chandelier 2. 1 30-bulb Flos chandelier 3. 1 Mooi chandelier 4. 1 Sonnemon swing arm table lamp 5. 2 Aliza Nan table lamp Because we had just moved to a new house, we had ordered a lot of furniture and fittings, so it was not until a couple months that we realised that the ony item that we had received from Olighitng was item number 4. After contactivng them via email and phone, we got the 5th item a month later. Still missing were the big ticket items 1 – 3. In May, we started calling and emailing them and it dawned on us that they were not like the established websites like Wayfair or Amazon, Ylighitng, Lumens, Inmod or All Modern. Half the time, no one answered the phone, and emails, answered primarily by Jose Coreas and Chris Christo, ended up as empty promises — initially, they had said that all the ‘open box’ items were wrongly listed as ‘in stock items’ on their website, and that as a gesture of goodwill, they had decided to order new ones from us at no extra cost. They ended up to be empty promised. finally, in June, the Mooi chandelier arrived and the packaging looked like it had gone under a bulldozer. Thank God the lamp still worked. At this point, after multiple emails, my husband and I lost all confidence that we will get the other 2 lamps. Standard responses were: “we are preparing the shipment””; “”you will recieve a tracking number soon…””

and so on. Finally

we decided that enough was enough and asked that we get our refund so we could re-order the missing items from another site. They never addressed the refund at all and kept saying that the shipment will be soon…We finally made a report to Visa and forwarded to them all our email exchanges. Our hunch is that this is a 3-person operation and that they do not have products in stock. We are not sure how they get their items

but please be forewarned that if you order from them

you will either get them several motths later (without any advanced notice) or not at all. Nonetheless

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