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Complaint: This is a computer repair service and I started service 10/28/2015, for 3 computers at $14.99 each, total of $45.00 per month. At that time I did not realize that this was not a 24/7 service as i really needed. Over time I decided that I wanted to cancel my service as it was not what I thought and needed. I called to find out when I could cancel and was told that I needed to call before 10/28/2016 to cancel service, so I waited a few months, meanwhile I started using another computer repair service that was 24/7 that suited my needs and stopped using PCeSupport. On 10/06/2016 (before the quoted 10/28/2016) I called at 2:pm to cancel my service and spoke to Brian or Ryan. I advised him that I was calling to cancel my service with PCe Support computer repair as of today’s date, 10/06/2016 for all 3 of my computers. I told him that as of that date, I would not have any more charges to my credit card. He confirmed this and said that as of today, 10/06/16, there would be no more charges on my card. I asked for an email to be sent stating/confirming this conversation and he said that that there would be no emails sent to me for confirmation. I asked him why and he said that that was not their policy I did not trust this and immediately called my bank and put a stop payment order for PCeSupport just in case. In checking my email today 10/30/16 I found a note from Donna Graciella, Senior Technician stating that they wanted a full october payment $45.00 or they would turn me over to collections and then the credit bureau. I called PCe Support and spoke with some gentleman as Ms. Graciella was unavailable and after about 25 min of getting nowhere and the man stating that I owed for October and my repeatedly explaining my cancellation and what Brian or Ryan assurred me, I tild the gentleman that I was not going to pay and he said that I had a contract and I told him that I had never signed a contract and he said that to have service with them I was on a contract. I then repated what I was originally told that I had to cancel if I wantted to, before 10/28/16 and that’s just what I did. He kept talking over me and stating that I owed for October. I refuse to pay! So I am going to be turned over to collection and my credit ruined! What a complete and total rip-off! Do Not do business with this company, especially if you want to cancel service!

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Address: Nationwide USA

Website: www.pcesupport.com/

Phone: (917)259-1400

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