Pepsi MidAmerica Review


This is the absolute worst place I have ever worked in my life!! Not only was I misled on my pay structure, job duties and descripion and number and location of clients when hired, but they constantly kept dumping everyone elses duties on me and adding more responsibilites to the point that I did not even have time to eat lunch or go to the restroom more than once a day, because of the work load and also consistenly tried to cheat me on my payroll checks, which were constantly wrong. When I finally left, after being abused and mistreated for 9 months (only stayed this long because I am a 50yr old widowed mother and needed a job),along with most of their other employees, they then even tried to hold onto my last three checks after my final payday, ignoring IL state law on when a person must receive their last paychecks in addition to cheating me out of another $199 on my last check!! They causwd me to not be able to pay any bills and a ton of fees as well!! I have never worked for a worse company and would never recommend anyone work for or do business with this one!!! Their turnover rate is unbelievable and now I know why!! I have reported all to the IL Dept of Labor and the US Dept of Labor. It is WRONG that any company should be allowed to get away with the things that this company has been allowed to get away with and it needs to be stopped!! .

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