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I worked both in the Kitsap and King county Superior courts and had to listen to hundreds of guardianship cases a year. I left the area as I could not stand listening anymore to the horrid treatment the elderly get at those places. Paulette Peterson has “represented” many elderly wards. She knows that they are getting over billed by their guardians and denied their right to choosing where they live and I have seen obviously drugged cases. Peterson doesn’t complain when her elderly wards get billed 5 times what the normal billing is. She’s obviously being paid off by the guardians to keep quiet. When a friend or relative complains about over drugging or other mistreatment she just simply states: “He [the ward] never complained about that to me.” | As an attorney for the ward, Ms. Peterson is responsible for the ward’s welfare. She can’t use the excuse “they didn’t tell me.” It is her legal responsibility to make sure her vulnerable clients are being given their rights and not exploited. She even wrote one of the guardianship Standard of Practice manuals and she knows that the attorney for the ward MUST represent the wards issues. Allowing her elderly clients to be abused and exploited is despicable. | I can’t think of anything more disgusting than exploiting and abusing the elderly and Paulette Peterson is a first rate abuser.


  • Name: Peterson Paulette
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Bainbridge Island
  • Address: 7869 Hansen Rd NE
  • Phone: 206-855-9293
  • Website:

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