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We have a dog that has demodectic mange. I found a company that offered a 100% 30 day money back gurantee for their product to cure it. The product was awful and I called to ask for a refund. I was told that I bought the wrong product and would recieve a call back in 2 days. No one called. I called again after 3 days and was told that I was not eligible for a refund becase the clause in their policy is that you have call within 5 days of recieving the product if there is are no signs of improvement. I did not start the regimine the day I got the product. I had to wait a week so we could treat her at the same time every day. Again I was told someone would call me back in one hour. I called back after 3 hours and was told they were not calling me back because I was not eligible for a refund. I called back again and the representative told me that I did order the right product but that I would not recieve a refund becase they could not change their policy if someone waits six months to start treatment. She said that most pet owners care enough about their pets to start the regimine the day they recieve the product. I spent $80 on this product hoping for a cure and some relief for one of my 11 rescued dogs and all this granma got was ripped off. nJonBooneville, ArkansasU.S.A. Erath, Louisiana U.S.A.


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