Premier Parking USA Review


Today in Downtown Atlanta there was a Christmas Parade that I hadn”t anticipated. I wanted to catch up at work, and even though I don”t get paid for Saturdays I decided to go to work. I pay for a monthly reserved parking apace very close to where I work. As I attempted to go to work every access I had was blocked for the parade Not to be deterred I parked at a “Premier Parking Lot” about two blocks from the office, somewhere off of Spring St. in ATLANTA. When I went to pay “Premier Parking” the ONLY options were a credit cards or DOLLAR bills. (no change). All I had on me was a $20 bill and the change. AFTER ALL I HADN;T ANTICIPATED HAVING TO PAY TO PARK! Not having either Dollar Bills or a credit card on me I couldn”t pay (no attendant). I had plenty of change, but that was NOT an option. As soon as the parade was over (I parked there between (9:00 am and noon) I went directly to move my car to my reserved monthly parking spot. I was so timely in attempting to move my car that the traffic was still jammed — only to find my car had been booted by “Premier Parking”. When I showed the fellow my parking tag for monthly parking (very close to where I worked) and that their lot wouldn”t take change (when all I had was $20 bill) or a Credit Cards (which I didn”t have) — he told me that I should have gotten the $20 broken down by total strangers to pay the $3.50 and since I didn”t I owed an OUTRAGEOUS PRIVAT “FINE” of $75. When I said I didn”t have/and couldn”t get $75 he cavalierly said that for EVERY DAY I DIDN”T pay the $75 “fine” I”d REMAIN BOOTED and be charged ANOTHER $75! I didn”t have s credit card on me (trying to stop that!) and no access to cash in any other manner (I was the only person at work, not married, no friends or family in my recent move to this “wonderful” Atlanta”- struggling financially –$75 is TWO WEEKS OF FOOD FOR ME!. He said he wouldn”t take the boot off with anything less than $75. I had the $20 bill and about $15 in change that I offered. No! Nothing less than the OUTRAGEOUS $75! I “borrowed” the money from the change in our office”s coffee fund — and pieced the $75 together; Both times I called he was to arrive in 20 minutes The first time (when he told me I should have asked total strnngers (or the multitude of homeless people trying to get the money out of the parking fees already paid) to break down my $20 bill) I had waited an hour and a half for him to show up — when it was only supposed to take 20 minutes. I got “creative” as he demanded that I was RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING SINCE I HADN”T PAID THE $3.50 fee. to come up with the $75! I waited an hour for him to return (when it was only “supposed” to take 20 minutes). He told me HE was an part of “PREMIER PARKING” when I asked whether “PREMER PARKING” had anyone working in the office today (which someone very nice at the contact number had given me. their address) He said NO ONE is EVER in the “PREMIER PARKING: office for contact. SO EITHER YOU COME UP WITH THE OUTRAGEOUS $75 “FINE” FOR A $3.50 “INFRACTION” AT THEIR PRIVATE LOT, WHEN THE LOT WON”T ACCEPT CHANGE AND ONLY DOLLAR BILLS OR A CREDIT CARD — OR YOUR CAR WILL REMAIN “BOOTED” WITH A NEVER ENDING $75 EVERY DAY THEREAFTER UNTIL YOU PAY THE OUTRAGEOUS “FINE” ==- THAT YOU COULDN”T PAY BECAUSE THEIR EQUIPMENT WAS PARTIALLY BORKEN! I HATE HATE HATE “PREMIER” PARKING AND I HOPE THEY GET WHAT THEY DESRVE — PIGS GET FED AND HOGS GET SLAUGHTERED! $75 is OUTRAGEOUS AND ABUSIVE! “PREMIER PARKING TREATED ME AS IF I WAS THE ### OP THE EARTH FOR NOT PAYING A STUPID MEASLY $3.50! I THINK THAT IS WHAT I RESENT THE MOST! WHY WOULD I ATTEMPT TO “STEAL” A $3.5O PARKING SPACE WHEN I HAD PROOF THAT I HAD PAID FOR MONTHLY PARKING LESS THAN TWO BLOCKS AWAY!

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