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I responded to an email I received. So I thought this may be ligit. I received a letter and check in the mail from IWD market research. The letter was postmarked from Canada. But, the address on the contract was 330 Madison Avenue, New York, New York. It all seemed very ligit. That is what they want you to think. I even checked with the BBB. They had no record of them. They apparantly wanted to contract me to be an investigative (secret) shopper. I was told to go ahead and cash the check so I would have the funds. By a guy named Michael with an european accent. then i was told to call the next day for my assignment. The first assignment he wanted me to go on was to investigate a local store chain. to spend no more than a 100.00. Then he said when I was done he would give me another assignment. He wanted me to money-gram $900.00 twice. To London, united Kingdom. Right away I reported this to the local police. Even then I wasn’t completely sure it was ligit. So I called IWD back and told him I wasn’t comfortable sending those funds. He reassured me it was company funds and it would be fine. I told him it was my money until I knew the check cleared. He said he would call back in 3 days with another assignment. To say the least he never called back and the check bounced. I reported it again to our local police. Don’t be caught in this SCAM! It is your money!. I demand I didn’t lose out any funds. I just want to prevent this from happening to someone else. Who may not be so lucky.. Stay away

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