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I have amazon prime so when I saw the email that we had been charged $299.00 renewal and a number to call if we wished to cancel that’s what I did. The man seemed very familiar with Amazon Prime and answered questions appropriately. When I told him to just cancel our prime he said he needed to have access to our checking account to deposit back the money that had been charged ($299.00). Once we did that the scammers immediately changed the amount to $3000 then accused me of doing it and that I would be contacted by their attorneys if I didn’t return the money then and now. I was instructed to go to the closest Target and buy gift cards and I was to stay on the cell phone with them until I had the cards and read the numbers off to them. At this point I shut off my computer after a huge argument with two men and drove to my bank. There I found that nothing had been taking from our account, although we had been shown a fake page where there was no money in either our checking or savings. We immediately had the account closed and our computer man come to check for all remaining evidence of anything they had attached to our system. I would say I am pretty savvy about hackers/scammers but they got past me. Will certainly be more careful. I have a copy of the email but do not know how to send it in the image box.

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