Pristine Nutraceuticals, LLC Review


Sun.. afternoon I ordered 3 bottles of Digestacure from this company at 427.00 because they said it would cure auto immune illness that includes many medical problems. The web site is good and does not look like a scam. After I sent the order I looked up the product on line and was hit with this co. is a scam. I sent an email to cancel and on Monday AM I called and canceled the order. She was very nice and said it would be canceled and I received an email sent at 8:11 that said it had been canceled. Another one sent at 8:45 said order had been shipped. No co. ships that fast! My problem is that I used a debit card that was suppose to be a credit card when you don’t use the pin . It does not work like a credit card as the bank cannot stop it like they would a check. No recourse you would get with a reg. credit card. If you have had problems with this co. I would suggest you call Fl attorney General and follow their recommendations and also contact the Consumer Commission Fair Trade and file a complaint since it is on line. Otherwise, avoid this company.

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