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I received a call from Probiz Management in Feb.2014. Everything was explained so well to me that it really seemed legit. I gave them $7.000 for leads and visa/mastercard would “scholarship” matching amount. I got 7.000 leads and was told that I would get beween 3-4 % of those. I would receive $500 commisions for each terminal, 2% of any loan that the lead took out and 1% from each lead monthly. According to the company I had 20 leads so I paid $3,000 to get a LLC company name for myself and a tax ID number. I did receive a cert.ificate with my company name and that was from the Wyoming Secretary of State under another company that was also in Wy. Now, I cannot reach Donald Wilson from Probix Management, Dave Marsh or Scot Johnson from RLR Enterprises LLC, and the fulfillment center that was supposed to get me a tax ID number. Now I mostly get general voice mail and no one is returning the calls, also, some numbers ring and the go busy or have been disconnected. I am a nurse and out with a disability. I am out$10,000 plus $695 for the Probiz “Business package”. I was totally scammed and am dishearted that people can do this. If anyone can locate these people or businesses- slam them!!! RLR Enterprises LLC does show up under Better Business Bureau but is not accredited. I don’t get how they can scam people when the better business bureau lists them as having 3 complaint in the last 3 years but they have not responded to so the BBB closed those cases. Remember the above companies and names so you don’t get scammed. If I had known about this website it would have helped me know about these businesses before getting scammed. .

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