Beware of this company Bot ( They are the same company and present themselves to the potential buyer as being trustworthy and their products are safer then the other bot companies products from being banned! The programs are hard to understand and use, plus the video tutorials don’t fix most of the problems! Poor customer service! They ignore a lot of their customers on the forums in which is the only place you will be able to get help from! You will have to wait 1 or more full days to receive any sort of feed back! And looking in the forums of some of the feedback I saw disgusts me on how they make their customers feel like idiots and most of the problems with their product is the customers fault for not following their video tutorials in which it isn’t! If you have any problems, you are not allowed to chat or seek other members online on their website for support or you will be banned from their chat rooms and all chat based privileges on the spot! So your only option is the forums and making a thread and wait for days for feedback! That is if your not ignored like a lot of them were! I attached a picture of someone from 11/30/2012 being ignored by their support team to this very day 12/5/2012! Thats 5 and a 1/2 days waiting for help and still he hasn’t gotten any! The product is very poorly designed and half assed at that! It has constant problems and is NOT better then a human being playing your character because its a computer playing your character and on top of that you WILL be permanently banned by Blizzard! Your name, address, phone number, E-mail, and even your IP Address will be permanently banned from ever making another account with Blizzard ever again! So is it really worth risking? Example of how poorly designed this product is compared with a human being playing the account: I have recruit a friend on my account and get 300% exp bonus with my recruited account with me in party. At lvl 74 it took the program in which this company sells to play my character and kill stuff for a whole 2 hours to reach to lvl 75! I could of been lvl 77 at the most in 2 hours if I played my character myself! Lastly but not least to worry about this company and its already grotesque reputation is, they only will take payments from you via paypal! I observed paypal’s disputing a payment rules and it clearly states in their policy that they will not get you your money back on virtual products if a problem ever arises! That puts you at the mercy of the seller Probotters/AIO Bot themselves! And they already make it clear when your buying their product in small words in their buyer agreement policy that under any circumstance you will NOT receive a refund under ANY condition! So your pretty much out of luck! If you decide to try this company out and get burned by them, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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