Punta Pacifico Mazaw Review


Recently discovered elect bill was enormous. When called peco my elect company was told Direct Energy was our supplier and they were charging over .13 a kw and our use was 5375 which went up 101% at .13 per kw peco cancelled direct energy as supplier imediatly when i called why bill so high. i was told to find out how we got switched from our supplier to Direct Energy, i called direct energy after many attempts and being disconnected twice and hung up on once by customer service i find out they direct energy had different ph no for us but a email address, told me that my wife switched, however my wife has no knowledge as to who direct energy was and would never switch with out discussing with me and then i would make the call if that was the plan to switch to new suppplier. now i am stuck for 2 months of billing over a 1042.00 elect bill because our normal rate of 8.4 per kw went up over 13 and double the kw per month, without anything changing with in the house as far as normal usage. they dierct energy told me they sent 2 letters to resign contract and several attempts by ph. for rates or would be put on flex rate. never heard of direct energy myself till peco pointed out the bill to me and asked me to look at it at bottom and thats when i said who is direct energy i thought ok so what direct energy so what what does that mean to me without any knowledge as to who direct energy was why would i care what they send in mai.l scammed and fighting mad. peco has froze my bill since i found out in feb but now have to fight with direct energy or end up paying feb march bills at direct energy pricing .

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