Pyramid Entertainment Group Inc. Review


September of 2014 Rezaie Family and Reza Alvand alleged CEO of Persian Media Group/Pyramid Entertainment entered into contract to have Sami Beigi perform on November 22 2014 at 6 pm to 1 am. The contract required Rezaie Family to send $5000.00 deposit. Rezaie family sent $5000.00 deposit after receiving signed contract from Reza Alvand. 2 days before party we attempted to contact Reza Alvand and His Company Persian Media Group/Pyramid Entertainment to arrange for there pick up from airport and hotel, (which we, Rezaie Family had booked and paid for prior…as agreed) We sent 11 messages, 32 texts and 5 emails, with no responses. November 22, 2014 the night of Rezaie Family party was ruined! Performer never showed up and never returned our $5000.00 deposit. We feel played and lied to. We have made contact with Reza Alvand and have been promised week after week that he would electronically refund our deposit into our account. No deposit received. Last phone conversation Reza Alvand laughed and told us to f***off. This is not right. All we want is our deposit back;-( Rezaie Family .

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