Queen Bee of Beverly Hills Review


QUEEN BEE OF BEVERLY HILLS is by far the worst retailer/wholesaler ever. I found this store on salehoo.com hoping to find a trusted wholesaler for designer goods. Turns out this place is a COMPLETE FRAUD. The bottom line is that they will steal your money. I paid the annual fee to become a member of her wholesale website europeanluxuryimports.com. I bought a Gucci and Burberry bag from her website over two weeks ago and DID NOT RECIEVE ANYTHING! I paid $1,100 for both bags and never received a confirmation email or anything saying that my items were shipped. I called her store and emailed her countless times and the phone goes straight to voice mail. I did not receive one email or phone call back in response to my numerous attempts to contact them. Bottom line is that they screwed me over for $1,100. At this point I dont expect to receive my order given the countless amounts of calls/messages I have left and not to mention other complaint I found on the internet. I contacted my banks fraud department to some how get my money back. So far no progress has been made. I would highly recommend STAYING AWAY from this company. They will steal your money. I should have done my research before placing an order with them. Rumor is that they sell fake products as well. Too bad I wont be able to say for myself since she hasn’t even sent the items that I ordered. Once again, stay away from this store. Horrible ethics and horrible service. They are in the business of stealing. Its sad that companies like this exist. Stay away. .

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