Queston Construction Albuquerque New Mexico Review


nQueston Construction was commissioned to install a TPO membrane roof on my house. After installation I had a constant leak in the corner of my house. By a constant leak I mean collecting gallons of water every day and never stopping, rain or shine. The first tried to claim a firework hit my roof so they were not responsible. They then continued to create one excuse after another to explain the problem, and all causes were somehow not their fault. nCome to find out they had buried a running water line (old AC line) under the TPO roof and that had been leaking into my house for months. Of course when it came time to answer for their mistake they said there was not water in the line when they installed the roof so how could they be blamed. I of course said that you should nor bury a water line or at least consult the owner or find the source of the line. Anyhow they refused to cover the damage to my house and Im left with a large bill of repairs. nThese people were very unprofessional and combative. They would schedule appointments then not show up, and tried to charge me for repairing the problem that they caused. This company is group of hacks and criminals.

7518 2nd St.NW Albuquerque, New Mexico United States of America


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