Quick Fix Services LLC Review


I’m 92 years old. I got a phone call several weeks ago. A man, going by Peter Cooper, with an Indian accent, said he worked for Quick Fix Services LLC. He told me to go to my computer. I did. He showed me all of the things that had run out of service which needed to be upgraded. I said ok he could fix it. I paid him $499 with a copy of my check.My computer worked for 3 weeks. He called yesterday to say there is activity that is wouldn’t want there. I said what do I do. He said he would fix it for me. He said he would get rid of it. Then he wanted me to call my bank and get the bank balance. I called the bank but they were closed. So he told me to go to the store and buy two Google $500 prepaid cards. He said it won’t cost you anything. I told him I could not. I asked if he could wait till Wednesday. He said he would wait till Wednesday, but to leave the computer on till Wednesday. This morning, I turned it off. But when I tried to turn it back on it wouldn’t turn on.He said if anybody calls you and asks about the computer, you ask for the password.

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