Raspberry Review


I orders this product online which I can not find anymore on the internet. Thinking I was ordering a one time bottle of garcina cambogia for $4.95. When they sent me second bottle I was thinking okay maybe it was included only to find out that they were taking money off my credit card. First time was $79.99 and second time 69.99. I called the company and they said to send back the product in original packaging. They only reimbursed me for the 79.99 . Now they are telling me I’m not untitled to the 69.99. So I talked to a supervisor and she promised me a refund within 2-5 days. Didn’t happen. Called today talk to a person that said I wasn’t entitled to a refund. When I asked to speak to another supervisor and tried to explain to this man he wouldn’t listen to a word I was saying and kept on talking over me. I just want my money that I was promised!! Plus product doesn’t work!! .

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