RCI Auctions Cleveland Ohio Review


I was approached by RCI Auction representative to allow them to list my restaurant equipment. I was more than reluctant to do so but ultimately I did. Ultimately I had to wait and wait and wait to get paid after the auction concluded and even then I was not paid what I feel I was supposed to be paid. When you call to speak to them and if you happen to get Kelly the “Manager”” she is less than concerned about your concern and she gets down right nasty with you on the phone. nI am disgusted with myself for trusting this company

I should have followed my gut but I was charmed into believing they were a good honest company but in MY opinion they are far from that and are the typical representation of the type of businesses that once they get your money they could care less about Customer Service or Satisfaction. You are much better off and safer to use a legitimate company that have been in business for many years than to trust RCI Auctions. I learned my lesson!”

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