Renew skins, “Pro collagen serum” Review


There is an internet pop up ad for "Pro Collagen Serum" by Renew Skins that offers "a free trial offer" where you only pay $4.95 shipping.A vial was shipped to my home.The consumer does NOT know that buried in the terms and conditions, that is required check written in a faint font, it says that if you do not return the serum in 14 days that you will be charged for it and will get a new vial every month.When I received a second vial that I did not order, I knew that there was a problem. I never received an invoice with pricing, nor an e-mail with pricing. You cannot find any pricing info on their web-site.When I contacted the company, they said that I had agreed to the terms and conditions by checking the box for shipping. They offered to refund me $50 if I returned the vials.When I contacted my credit card company, in addition to the original shipping fee that I had agreed to, there were two charges for $98 dollars each.Please warn others about this company’s unethical business practices.The pop up ad is very attractive, featuring celebrities and lots of testimonials. Clearly the product is a scam as if it works, you would not have to be tricked into ordering it.

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