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I entered the Ritz Camera store located at the Cameron Village Shopping Center in Raleigh, NC on Saturday Feb. 05, 2005 at approximately. 5:50 pm. nI was asked by a clerk if he could help me and I replied I was just browsing. I was intent on purchasing either a Sony or Panasonic Video Recorder. As I looked over the Camcorders another customer was complaining about why Ritz quoted a one hour developing time when such was not true at this store. One angry customer out the door. The two clerks were gossiping about what a jerk that Lady was blah, blah, blah. nAs I studied the features on a Panasonic Video Camera one of the clerks began turning off the store lights while staring right at me. It was exactly 6:05 pm I looked at him and said “are you closing”” he said “”yes””. I thought the store closed at 7:00 pm.

my mistake. However

isn’t it common courtesy to alert a customer that the store is closing BEFORE turning the lights off while they’re still in the store? Isn’t it common courtesy to ask a customer whether the clerk can be of any assistance as they’re about to close for the evening? I was set to purchase either a $400 or $500 Video Camera for a Wedding the next day. nI turned and walked out the door and a stood for a few seconds and returned and opened the door and said to the clerk who turned out the lights on me “” I wanted to purchase a Video Camera”” his replay was “”well

you said you were only looking””. I said “”that was 15 minutes ago””. He pulled the door closed on me and I pulled it open and asked his name–no reply and then I asked where the Ritz Corporate offices were located. His reply was Beltsville

MD and he closed the door on me again. As I walked away he opened the door again and said sarcastically “”If you want to buy something you can come in”” I said “”never

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