River City Management LLC Review


My wife and I rented a property from Kathy Nichols for 3 years. During that time, Kathy was harsh and strict with the way she handled business with us. She would frequently yell at us for small things around the house, or sometimes even fabricate problems and leave us threatening voicemails and texts, sometimes many per day. The real problem occurred during our move-out inspection. Kathy showed up to the house and began berating me for very personal things. She brought up issues with my marriage and my depression. She told me I had no self respect for staying with my wife. She told me I was worthless and that I had brought all my problems onto myself. She yelled at me about it being my fault that I lost my job in the social services, and that if I were really a psychologist, I would have left my wife by now. The majority of our “move-out inspection” included nothing about the actual house or any damages, but was actually just tearing me apart personally. By the end of it, she told me to “kick [my wife] to the curb, it’s the only thing that will be good for you,” and then slammed the door. By the end of it, I was defeated and in tears. Not long after that, she began sending me very harassing texts, continuing to berate me for very personal things. She continued to tell me that I had no self respect, and that no one would treat her that way because she does have self respect. She continued texting me that all my personal problems were my fault. I am not friends with Kathy, and I have not shared any of my personal business with her. I do not know how she found out about my marital issues, or my personal mental health. I think that she was out of line, and very inappropriate considering the point of her visit was to inspect the house. By the end of the conversation, I was so emotionally distraught and personally attacked. I am surprised and disgusted that any professional could treat their customer this way. I hope that nobody is ever subjected to her verbal and personal abuse to the extent that I was. Avoid her at all costs. .

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