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Rob Laux, the tattooer, is a charismatic con man and fraud artist living in Florida. He beat me out of just under $2000. How you ask? I had a couple successful smaller business dealings with him, so I had no reason to distrust him. This is about 6 years ago, before there was this much information on his scamming on the internet, so I had no way of knowing. Anyways, I then went into a larger business dealing with him for some educational tattoo material. and this is when he took the money, and never delivered, never to be hear from again. He will provide you with elablorate excuses as to why things are delayed, but they are just ways to delay the fraud to get his hands on your money and keep you believing. He is a very very good liar, an exceptional one in fact, so much so, you will believe him for a little while. This is a con man and he will always have excuses for his behaviour, but watch out. .

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