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An item was ordered from this site as a gift, it took way longer than described in the sites faq’s, due to the holiday and the explaination of the site being a small operation some slack was given. However, after several months, many attempts were made to contact the company, no e-mails or calls were ever returned. Everytime the status was checked the order had never even been shipped, then finally when we were about to give up all hope, the status changed, we waited with excitement only to receive the wrong item. Now, the item I ordered is out of stock. I understand the fact that items may become out of stock and that this may be beyond the company’s control, however a reasonable solution would be to contact the customer and offer them an alternative item of their choice. Instead we are stuck with an item we can’t find on the site at all, a glass pipe with a symbol we can’t even identify. This is not good business, does customer satisfaction mean nothing to this company?

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