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BEWARE OF BEING ‘SUCKERED’ by Rosebud Cottage Antiques like I was. I was promised via direct email that I was buying a solid gold Hunter pocket watch case to use as a locket. I was promised its original box. I never received the box. I found out much later that the watch case is not solid gold. I trusted Ricki at the time and never thought to get it tested! She will not do anything about it. I have kept all of the emails and have proof of what I say. instead she says that I can get a lot of money for gold shell/fill watch cases if i sell it! But that is not the point- the watch was misrepresented. nRikki sucks you in on Ebay (rosebudcottageantiques) with fabulous photos, great spin & little additional presents. For the new combers and naive, she makes a ‘friend’ of you with her smooth talking and sharing bits about her family. Then she directs you to her own website for antique jewellery. Here she tells you that pieces are massively reduced. I think she must take her prices from the most expensive antique shops! But she gives you the odd special. Then she will contact you directly via email and sell direct. nI have had heaps of problems with stuff I bought from her. But they became apparent too late to do anything about it on ebay. for example, a $300 bangle that broke at the hinge the first time I put it on. I cannot be welded or fixed. Chains that are likely to be solid gold because the links are soldered never are! nBEWARE- She is a very smooth talker who stretches the truth massively and in my own case, outright lies.

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