Rountree Moore Auto Group Review


Rountree-Moore KNOWINGLY FALSELY LISTED FRAUDULENTLY ADVERTISED a USED 2002 DARK GARNET RED JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LIMITED 4X4 VIN 1J4GX58N02C212805 for sale “AS IS” on the internet, then refused to sell it AFTER I went to their Dealrship to test drive and purchase. They tried to place addtional charges on the vehicle, saying that they did not have a “Safety Test” on it, but they were selling it it “AS IS”. They even CALLED ME PRIOR TO MY DEPARTURE to make certain that I was going to “keep my appointment”, then RESCHEDULED me for 11:30am (CHRIS HAMRICK). If there was an issue with the “SAFETY TEST”, the they SHOULD HAVE CHECKED IT PRIOR TO LISTING IT! The vehicle was even parked on the VERY FRONT ROW OF THEIR USED CAR LOT! They changed their “story” any x’s, and treated me and my daughter HORRIBLY. Later on we received a call from the salesman who calle himself “Robert Holmes”, and he stated that the SUV was not for sale because it “DID NOT PASS THE SAFETY TEST”????? Why was’nt the “SAFETY TEST” conducted PRIOR to advertising/pricing/placing on the internet/setting an appointment for a “TEST DRIVE” with an OUT-OF-TOWN CUSTOMER???? This is just another case of “BAIT AND SWITCH”!!! We would like to be reimbursed for the cost of the fuel that we WASTED to this “ACCLAIMED DEALERSHIP”. $65.00. Thank You. .

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